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02. Probation Matters

Know Your Rights

Have you or someone you know violated the terms of probation? If the court finds that you committed a violation of probation, the severity of the penalties may depend upon the facts of the original offense, the facts of the violation, and your criminal history. The result is often severe including incarceration in jail or prison. Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Regan can help. With 30 years of experience in Criminal Law, Attorney Regan has helped his clients navigate the probation system. If you or someone you know has gotten into trouble with probation, call Regan Law now. We will review the facts, explain your options, and will fight to maintain your liberty.

 30 Years of Practice

Request a Free Consultation

Probation violations are a very serious matter. They have the potential of having very negative consequences, even leading to you or your loved one being imprisoned.  It is important that you have a competent attorney on your side, fighting for you. Massachusetts Criminal Attorney Patrick Regan will advocate for you or your loved ones at a probation violation hearing.  Contact us to schedule a consultation, where we will review your case, and prepare a strategy to achieve the best result.

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