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01. Criminal Defense

Your Needs Come First

To properly defend yourself against criminal charges, your case requires personalized attention from a highly-trained attorney who will analyze every factual and legal issue from every angle, and craft a tailored plan of action built around you and your goals. ​


Your freedom may suddenly be in jeopardy and your career and livelihood may be put at risk. No matter the charge or the specifics involved, it is essential to speak with a skilled lawyer, assess your options, and determine the best course of action. At Regan Law, we have amassed an impressive track record of success for our clients, and are more than capable of providing practical and obtainable solutions to any number of serious legal issues.


Our promise to every client is to always put your needs first. At all stages of the legal process – from investigation, arrest, trial, sentencing, and appeal – you can be assured that Regan Law will aggressively pursue your interests and seek to put you in the best possible position. Whether you are charged with a serious drug charge or a violent crime, Regan Law will vigorously defend your rights, negotiate for a dismissal or a reduction of the charges against you or passionately fight to clear your name at trial.

Don’t take an investigation or criminal charge lightly. The risks are real and the consequences can be catastrophic – Consult Regan Law today.

 30 Years of  Practice

Request a Free Consultation

Have you, a family member or a friend been accused of a crime? You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will stand up for you and protect your rights in the courtroom. The prosecution has a team of legal resources on their side, and so should you.


Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Regan will sit down with you, review the case, and and get your side of the story.

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