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Massachusetts takes sex crimes very seriously. In fact, they carry some of the harshest punishments in the state. Due to the nature of sex offenses, District Attorneys in Massachusetts are very aggressive in their prosecution of these crimes. 


Being charged with a sex offense can have serious consequences for you, your family, and your reputation. In addition to incarceration, you can also face fines, probation, and even civil commitment. If convicted, you will likely be required to wear a GPS tracking bracelet on your ankle while you are on probation, in addition to being required to attend sex offender treatment.


It is also likely that you will have to register with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry (SORB). Depending on the severity of the offense and your criminal history, you may be put on the registry's website where your name, addresses of where you have lived and worked, a photo and your offenses are listed for anyone to find in an online database. This information will remain on the SORB website for a number of years and in some cases, for life.

The sex offense will also go on your criminal record, sometimes referred to as a CORI. This information can be accessible to prospective employers, property managers and housing authorities, making it difficult for you to attain employment and housing in the future.


What is Considered a Sex Crime in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, the following offenses are considered a sex crime:

  • Assaulting a Child with the intent to Rape

  • Drugging Persons for Sexual Intercourse

  • Enticing a Person for Prostitution or Sexual Intercourse

  • Indecent Assault & Battery (Age 14 or under)

  • Indecent Assault & Battery (Age 14 or over)

  • Indecent Assault & Battery on a Mentally Disabled Individual

  • Indecent Exposure

  • Inducing a Minor into Prostitution

  • Internet Sex Crimes (Possession or Dissemination of Child Pornography; Enticement)

  • Lewd Conduct

  • Possession or Dissemination of Child Pornography

  • Prostitution, Pimping and Soliciting

  • Rape

  • Statutory Rape

  • Trafficking Persons for Sexual Servitude

  • Violation of the Sex Offender Registration Requirement (Sex Offender Registry)

What are the punishments for sex crimes in Massachusetts?

Punishments for sex crimes in Massachusetts vary widely depending on a number of factors. These factors can include whether the crime is a felony or misdemeanor, the type of crime committed, the age of the alleged victim, and whether or not it is a first time offense. Some sex crimes in Massachusetts can carry up to life in prison, while others call for probation with GPS monitoring (with a GPS bracelet attached to your ankle) and court ordered psychotherapy.

If you or someone you know has been questioned by police or charged with a sex crime in Massachusetts, it is important to consult with an experienced Massachusetts Sex Crimes Attorney. The Law Office of Patrick J. Regan has 30 years of extensive experience dealing with all types of sex cases. Often times, we can get the charges dismissed without ever going to trial. Contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation. We will sit down with you, review the police report, and get your side of the story.

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